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Our Chatter Box series is designed to give you more info about the show and the ideas we’re exploring! A Chatter Box event may take the form of a conversation, a panel discussion or a Q&A session that is open to everyone. They will take place in the theatre before we open, so you may even get a sneak peak of the set!

The panelists will be made up of artists, invited guests or subject matter experts, depending on the show. Check our website in advance for who will be on and the topic of conversation. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, meet your fellow audience members and continue the discussion in the bar afterwards!

Chatter Box events are FREE but we’d like you to register. Email info@laboite.com.au

Sometime it’s not just about seeing the shows – there’s a conversation to be had as well.

La Boite CHATTERBOX: Blackrock through the ages

Date: Thursday 20 July 6:30PM – 7:30PM

Cost: FREE Event

Venue: Roundhouse Theatre

Panel: Todd MacDonald (2017), Claire Christian (2012), David Berthold (1995 & 2007) and Bri Lee, Founding Editor and Manager of Hot Chicks with Big Brains. The first three panelists have directed Blackrock, as per the years noted next to their names.

RSVP: Chatter Box events are FREE but we’d like you to register. Email rsvp@laboite.com.au