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La Boite HWY

12 Jun - 24 Jun

La Boite HWY is our annual festival that allows audiences to experience all the new works that our Artists-in-Residence and associated artists are developing for the following year. Each night of the festival there are readings, demonstrations, and explorations of new pieces of theatre being specially created for our unique Roundhouse Theatre.



We recognise and want to support the creation of great new work. We want to equip the next generation with the skills to create something unique and special to call their own. 2017 will see the return of La Boite HWY where independent local artists can join resident artists, develop and showcase their own works-in-progress and be considered for La Boite’s 2018 season.

This festival includes an array of shows, public talks, forums, workshops and master-classes. La Boite seeks to act as a pathway from which artists can be provided with opportunities to learn critically engaging artistic practices for professional development. The full festival program will be launched in April 2017.

Cast & creatives

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Submitting an EOI to take part in LB HWY

LB HWY works as a space for La Boite to showcase and demonstrate work created as a company through our Artists-in-Residence program and other development activities. Through LB HWY La Boite also supports performance works at various level of development from the wider independent theatre and performance industry that show great artistic promise.

We would like to hear about what you are working on and talk to you further about whether your project might be suitable for LB HWY. Remember, LB HWY is not looking for completed works but projects that have begun a trajectory of development and you believe could benefit from an exploration in front on an audience. This might be in the form of a reading or moved reading but also can come in other forms such as a live demonstration, lecture, or something else entirely. We are interested as long as production needs are minimal and the engagement of ideas is high. These will be shown in La Boite’s Roundhouse theatre, so we encourage you to take this into consideration, and make use of this unique and engaging space.

We also want to hear from people who want to share their ideas and skills in the form of a workshop or masterclass. We think that this is really central to what we wish to do and ultimately desire LB HWY to be two weeks of skills sharing and an exchange of art, ideas and inspiration.

If you would like to talk about an artistic project that you think would be perfect for LB HWY please email Creative Producer Glyn Roberts on glyn@laboite.com.au with a short letter that covers these questions in relation to your work:

What is your project or piece?

Who is involved?

Explain where you are in the process of creation or development of your work and what is your vision for its final production or goal? Please be as honest and realistic as possible.

How is this work or development best suited to a roundhouse theatre environment?

How would like an audience to access your work at this stage of development? Such as a reading, live demonstration, etc.

You have until 20 January 2017 to contact us about LB HWY 2017. We will be dealing with your EOI as they come to hand so if the piece you put forward does not fit our vision for LB HWY we will tell you as quickly as possible via email. If we want to know more we will contact you and organise a meeting for you to talk further about your work and explore how LB HWY can support it in the best way.