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Youth and Participation

La Boite Theatre Company is passionate about cultivating the next generation of performers in the Queensland arts industry. From our work with children in our School Holiday Workshops to our celebrated Ambassadors program, La Boite is a leading force in arts education.

Young Artists Company


In 2018 we will audition young artists to work with La Boite to create a new work in collaboration with professional artists that will be performed at La Boite. We are interested in collaborating with young theatre makers who are interested in all elements of a production; performing, directing, writing and technical aspects.

Teachers, we need your help to encourage the young artists in your classroom to be involved.


The La Boite Ambassador program will change a little in 2017.

We are looking for forty young passionate artists and theatre lovers who want to deeply engage with La Boite for the entirety of 2017.

The La Boite Ambassador program aims to support young people with a passion for theatre by imbedding them in the company, valuing their opinions and offering them opportunities to engage and learn.

What you will get:

  • Access to La Boite shows, rehearsal rooms, staff and creatives
  • Free Theatre Tickets
  • Opportunities to tailor your Ambassador year based on your passions
  • Spend the year working with like-minded peers
  • Create content and showcase your skills with La Boite
  • Participate in specifically designed ambassador only events and workshops
  • Examples of specifically designed experiences:  Buddying with a staff member for a day or a few hours, sitting in on rehearsals, tech rehearsals and dress runs, interning on specific projects, meeting with staff to discuss career trajectories etc.

Junior Ambassadors: Students in Grades 10-12

Senior Ambassadors: Young people aged 18-25



→ Click here to download ambassador calendar and ensure you are available for all dates

→ Click here to download the ambassador application form, fill it in and submit it by Wednesday 15 February, 2017

Answer the three questions about yourself and your desire to be an ambassador. We encourage you to be creative with your answers: write it, film it, dance it, sing it, rap it – whatever best suits you.

Applications must not exceed 600 words or 3 minutes in length.

Send you applications to ambassadors@laboite.com.au by midnight Wednesday 15 February, 2017.

For any questions or clarity contact our Youth and Participation Producer clairechristian@laboite.com.au

LB Riot: In-School Partnerships Program

We are launching a new partnerships program in 2018 called LB RIOT where we are encouraging teachers and a group of student to respond to a work by writing, making and or performing. We want young artists and their teachers to engage with new work, collaborate with artists, connect with our space, respond to our work, and create theatre. We want to encourage young artists to cause a theatrical riot.

Over the course of Term Three, drama students will work with La Boite artists as part of a 2018 production. LB RIOT gives drama classes or extra-curricular groups access to the script, rehearsal room, production and artists before and during the creative process.

This program values young people and their teachers as responders and makers. LB RIOT will allow students to work with established artists as they explore significant ideas and generate meaningful work in response to a work in our season; in 2018 the LB RIOT show is the new Australian work Lysa and the Freeborn Dames; a contemporary feminist riff on the Greek Comedy, Lysistratra.

For more information about LB RIOT please get in touch.



If you are interested in being a La Boite 2018 Feature Teacher and contributing to our education notes, please send me an email before the end of the year and we can hopefully align you with one of our productions. We like to profile the amazing work of teachers and ensure our notes are as useful in your classroom as possible.



Have an artist come to your school and work with your students in your classroom. Workshops are specifically tailored to your classroom or assessment needs.



For $5 per student you can add on a one hour post-show question and answer and in-theatre show related workshop. See booking form for more details and dates.



We will be hosting three teacher professional development workshops in 2018 as well as a series of workshops and masterclasses. We will also be hosting a teacher forum in August as an opportunity to engage with each other, share ideas and resources.



PD ONE: LB HWYTuesday 20 March 10am-4pm

PD TWO: Tuesday 15 MAY 6-9pm

PD THREE: Tuesday 16 October 6-9pm


Click here for School Bookings





Phone: (07) 3007 8600


Our La Boite Education Programs are supported by our Education Partner QUT.