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La Boite Theatre Company is passionate about cultivating the next generation of performers in the Queensland arts industry. From our work with children in our School Holiday Workshops to our celebrated Ambassadors program, La Boite is a leading force in arts education.

Young artists company

The Young Artists Company is all about theatre making and collaborating with like-minded peers. It’s not just actor training, it’s about young artists creating work together. The Young Artists Company meet once a week in the evening to learn, develop and devise with leading facilitators. We run one consolidated class of both juniors and seniors from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

  • Term 1: 31 Jan – 21 Mar
  • Term 2: 02 May – 20 Jun
  • Term 3: 18 Jul – 05 Sep
  • TERM 2 FACILITATOR – David Burton
  • Term 4: 10 Oct – 28 Nov


One consolidated class of both juniors and seniors on Tuesdays from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.
Cost: $395 per term

→ Click here to download enrolment form

To express your interest in this program please email info@laboite.com.au


The La Boite Ambassador program will change a little in 2017.

We are looking for forty young passionate artists and theatre lovers who want to deeply engage with La Boite for the entirety of 2017.

The La Boite Ambassador program aims to support young people with a passion for theatre by imbedding them in the company, valuing their opinions and offering them opportunities to engage and learn.

What you will get:

  • Access to La Boite shows, rehearsal rooms, staff and creatives
  • Free Theatre Tickets
  • Opportunities to tailor your Ambassador year based on your passions
  • Spend the year working with like-minded peers
  • Create content and showcase your skills with La Boite
  • Participate in specifically designed ambassador only events and workshops
  • Examples of specifically designed experiences:  Buddying with a staff member for a day or a few hours, sitting in on rehearsals, tech rehearsals and dress runs, interning on specific projects, meeting with staff to discuss career trajectories etc.

Junior Ambassadors: Students in Grades 10-12

Senior Ambassadors: Young people aged 18-25



→ Click here to download ambassador calendar and ensure you are available for all dates

→ Click here to download the ambassador application form, fill it in and submit it by Wednesday 15 February, 2017

Answer the three questions about yourself and your desire to be an ambassador. We encourage you to be creative with your answers: write it, film it, dance it, sing it, rap it – whatever best suits you.

Applications must not exceed 600 words or 3 minutes in length.

Send you applications to ambassadors@laboite.com.au by midnight Wednesday 15 February, 2017.

For any questions or clarity contact our Youth and Participation Producer clairechristian@laboite.com.au

Acting studio

In 2017, La Boite will introduce the La Boite Acting Studio, an exciting opportunity for a small group of actors to work over an eight-week period with some of Brisbane’s most experienced acting coaches and practitioners. These places are open to anyone 18 or over and are tailored to your experience level – so whether you’re seasoned at treading the boards or just starting your acting dream, these classes will provide new techniques and tips for even the most experienced. The classes are divided into four groups of eight-weeks each.

  • Group 1: 06 Mar – 8 May
  • Group 2: 22 May – 10 Jul
  • Group 3: 24 Jul – 11 Sep
  • Group 4: 9 Oct – 27 Nov

Mondays 6.00pm to 9.00pm
Cost: $395 per person per group

To apply for the La Boite Acting Studio please email info@laboite.com.au or call us on (07) 3007 8600, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

School holiday workshops

Do your kids (Ages 7-11) love to perform? Give them the opportunity to get creative during the school holidays, with our exciting and hands-on holiday workshops. Our week long classes focus on creativity, confidence building and collaboration, all topped off with a custom made show for family and friends! From puppetry to musicals, there will always be something new offered to cater to and delight young minds.

  • Term 1: 16 – 20 Jan → Musical Theatre

MUSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOP:Kids aged 7-11 will sing, write songs, dance and act their way through well-known musicals and their very own creations for a whole week at La Boite. They will learn from amazing artists who will work with the group to create their very own show.

  • Term 2: 03 – 07 Apr → Making Movies

Learn all the tricks of the trade to creating your own short films. Come up with ideas, story board, learn acting techniques and how to shoot footage. A fun-filled week writing, acting and filming.

  • Term 3: 03 – 07 Jul → Puppetry (Dead Puppet Society)

Work with the amazing Dead Puppet Society to learn all about the art of puppetry. Young people will spend the week constructing their own puppets, learning how to manipulate them and collaborating to make their very own performance for friends and family.

→ Click here to download enrolment form

  • Term 4: 25 – 29 Sep → Acting


Cost: $395 per child / More than 1 Child $320 per child / QUT or La Boite Staff $320 per child



La Boite is able to offer after-workshop-care for your child for a small fee. Workshop participants who aren’t able to be picked up at 3pm have the option of staying at La Boite having some afternoon tea and participating in some casual activities while they wait for their parents and or guardians.

Cost: $20.00 per day, per child.
Care available from 3:00-5:30pm.

To express your interest in these programs please email info@laboite.com.au

Assistant Creatives Program

In 2017 La Boite will launch our first Assistant Creatives Program. This program provides the opportunity for emerging or mid-career artists to work on a La Boite production. These paid positions enable creative artists to learn from senior theatre practitioners about the process of developing shows for large scale companies and specifically for our unique Roundhouse Theatre. During each project, participants will shadow the creatives in rehearsal, attend weekly production meetings, and observe the bump-in of a show in the theatre through to opening night.

This program is open to directors, dramaturgs, sound designers, stage designers, costume designers and AV designers (pending available positions to be matched with)

These are paid positions commensurate with working part time over a four week rehearsal period.

To apply for this program please email Creative Producer Sanja Simic on sanja@laboite.com.au with a short letter that covers these questions, as well as a current CV.

Why do you want to participate in La Boite’s Assistant Creatives Program? What do you hope to learn?

What’s your experience in working in theatre?

Rate from 1 – 5 the shows in 2017 season you are most interested to work on. Shows available are Single Asian Female, Lady Beatle, The Village, Blackrock, Laser Beak Man.

You have until Saturday 24 December 2016 to submit your application for the Assistant Creatives Program 2017.

Assistant Creatives 2017

Congratulations to the Assistant Creatives of 2017

Ayeesha Ash, Assistant Director of The Village
Silva A Sal, Assistant Director of The Village
Matt Seery, Assistant Director of Blackrock