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Your support will enable us to continue doing what we do best – making world class theatre, nurturing emerging artists, exploring new arts practice and keeping the theatre open and engaged in our community through our youth and education programs.

Giving to La Boite not only supports the creation of theatre, but invests in our young audiences. Like you, we are passionate about the next generation of theatre makers and audiences. You are a part of our history and our future. Your support is vital in making theatre that matters.


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By making a donation you are a part of our history and our future. Your support is vital in making theatre that matters.

The La Boite circle gift giving programs

Wall of light

Your name or Company name will be etched on our award-winning Wall of Light that has pride of place in our newly renovated La Boite Foyer.

Join our founding private and corporate donors by making a public and highly visible gift to support La Boite. A $2,000 tax deductible donation will secure your name on the Wall of Light for three years and will be viewed by over 45,000 people visiting our foyer each year.

Take a seat

Put your name on your favourite seat, give a unique gift to mark a special occasion, or create a memorial tribute to a friend. Imagine the joy of showing your family and friends ‘your’ seat in the Roundhouse Theatre. A $500 tax-deductible donation will acknowledge a seat in the Roundhouse Theatre for life.

Gift a ticket

Donate a ticket to a young person who may not otherwise be able to attend the theatre. Your $25 tax-deductible donation to the Gift a Ticket program will help us continue to provide 10,000 free and discounted tickets to young people aged 15 – 25 every year and instil a life-long love of the theatre.

Ambassadors circle

With over 1,000 Ambassadors through our doors, this program is a vital ongoing commitment to our young community. Each year we invest in Queensland high school and tertiary students. These Ambassadors attend all of our productions for free, meet leading creative professionals and participate in free workshops. Your $50 tax deductible donation to the program will ensure its success continues.

Bequest program

Have you ever thought about leaving a legacy gift in your Will? La Boite’s Bequest Program can help those who would like to make a meaningful gift now, to be realised later, and enjoy the special privileges this type of gift generates.

La Boite circle donors

Tim Fairfax AC, Gina Fairfax, Julian Myers, John B Reid AO, Lynn Rainbow Reid AM, Vivienne Anthon, Bruce Blocksidge, Sheryl Cornack, Lucy Coulson, Lana Gishkariany, Boris Krkljes, Dominic McGann, Philip Amery, Ian Barfoot, Les Batros, Geoffrey Beames, Graham Bethune, Bill & Margi Brown Ash, Christine Comans, Sue Donnelly, Sean Dowling, Michael Dyer, Wesley Enoch, Kristie Frankhauser, Bruce & Kathryn Heiser, Katherine Hoepper, Rhys Holden, Richard Hundt, Rebecca Langdon, Nicole and William Lauder, Susan Learmonth, Tess Lye, Todd MacDonald, Fiona Mack, Paul Makeham, Jane Mallam, Jackie Maxwell, Karen Mitchell, Sidney Myer Fund, Claire Moore, Collin & Marilyn Myers, Andrew Myles, Jill Nicklin, Fiona Poschelk, Mark Simic, Jessica Simpson, Anne Siville, Kaye Stevenson, Tenielle Stoltenkamp, Anthony Thomas, David Thomas, Violetta Tosic, Marilyn Trad, Peter Wright, McCullough Robertson , BHP Billiton Matched Giving, Philip Anstis, Lewis Atkinson, Carolyn Barker AM, Catherine Barry, Samuel Boyd, Derek Cameron, Philip Cannon, Pauline Cattell, Robert Cleland, Lachlan Cross, Robert Ford, Mike Gowan, Adam Herootus, Elliott Hunt, Shari Irwin, Annette Kerwitz, Ross & Sophia Lamont, Tracey Lindstrom, Carl Martens, John McCollow, Noel McKenna, Dirk McNicoll, Kathlyn Stevenson, Carolyn Upton, Muriel Watson, Marian Wheeler, Janice Wilson, Jazz Music Institute , Optikal Bloc , Positive Solutions , Scenestr, Tracey Anderson, Jacqueline Armitstead, Olivia Bachelor, Andrew Backhouse, Sheryl Ballesty, Ashleigh Barrow, Jo Basada, Roslyn Bews, Kanchana Bishop, James Bourbon, Louise Brehmer, Helen Brodie, Lachlan Brown, Leigh Buchanan, Audrey Cadzow, Gary Camp, Elizabeth Clarke, Anna Clarkson, Christina Coogan, Anthony Coppens, Michelle Corfe, Anthony Costantini, Natala Crawley, Joanne Cromb, Margaret Crossman, Vera Ding, Roslyn Dudley, Allison Eckert, Liz Ellison, Geoffrey Ewing, Chris Eyers, Ros Firster, Anita Frederiks, Fabienne Froster, Wendy Fry, Benjamin Garland, Michelle Gersbach, William Gore, Lynn Gray, Kathryn Hall, Sophia Hall, Helen Hambling, John Hanley, Claire Humbler, Heidi Irvine, Dias Jayasinha, Catherine Jempson, David Johnston, David King, Svatoslav Kruglov, Susan Lawson, Michelle Leadbeater, Catherine Leather, Pamela Lemcke, Maddie Little, Frances Maguire, Toni Mann, Geoffrey Marks, Angela McGowan, Kate McNally, Bonnie McRae, Ian McVicar, Jane Muir, Gail Newman, Bronwyn Noakes, Chantelle O’Connor, Sandra O’Grady, James O’Hare, Sarah O’Sullivan, Michael Pinnock, Tim Poole, Mark Radvan, Ellen Rafferty, Angela Roff, Leah Rogers, Micah Rustichelli, Alex Satina, Caitlin Scarr, John Scherer, Ian See, Jake Shavikin, Russel Smerdon, Daniel Teh, Bill Thomas, Cheryl Thornely, Alana Tierney, Anne Varghese, Rosalind Virisheff, Rod and Gillian Walters, Jane Wheldon, Drew Whitiker, Jennifer Wilson, Mike Woodrow, Kym Woods, BMEG

Partnering with la boite

La Boite’s partnership programs are stronger today than ever. Each partnership with La Boite is unique and tailor-made to meet your needs. Whether you’re interested in entertaining your clients or staff at opening night functions and exclusive events; strengthening your brand through cause-related advertising and profiling opportunities; or engaging with regional communities through the arts, La Boite can help you achieve these goals. With a diverse and exciting season of productions and programs in 2018, there has never been a better time to partner with us.

For further information contact our Development Department on (07) 3007 8600.


La Boite Volunteers, otherwise known as our ‘vollies’ are our most treasured supporters, and are an essential part of La Boite Theatre Company. Our friendly vollie team assist as theatre ushers, and are quite often the first point of contact for patrons attending the theatre. They help us to greet and assist our audiences in return for great ticket packages and other fun perks. Our vollies have become an integral part of the La Boite experience.

Our vollie network is an exciting and diverse group, passionate about the arts and excited about building strong working relationships with fellow members of the company.

To apply to become a volunteer please email with the following info:

  • Full name
  • Street or Postal Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • What attracted you to La Boite? (150 words or less)
  • What would you like to gain from volunteering? (150 words or less)

Please note you must be of 18 years to partake in La Boite’s Volunteer Program.