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A La Boite and MDA Ltd production

Ordinary people in extraordinary situations

A collaboration with refugee resettlement agency MDA Ltd, The Village immerses the audience in the real stories of refugees and people seeking asylum who have made Australia their home.


The Village showcases the cultural diversity of Australia and honours the courage, strength and determination of the women, men and children who have made this country their new home.

The Village uses the verbatim stories of refugees and people seeking asylum to guide audiences on an experiential journey.

Witness how ordinary people have found themselves in extraordinary situations and persevered to tell their life-changing stories. Audiences will engage with these stories first hand through an interactive performance experience.

The Village has been created specifically with secondary students in mind, but everyone is welcome at The Village to enjoy this collaborative theatre project.

“It felt really real, authentic. Being immersed into it, you can appreciate the stories more and actually feel part of that journey.”



La Boite Studio & Parade Ground

Cast & creatives

  • Director Todd MacDonald
  • Set Design Moe Assaad
  • Sound Design Wil Hughes

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Meet Silva A Sal: Assistant Director of The Village

As part of our Assistant Creatives Program, Silva A Sal will be joining La Boite as Assistant Director on The Village.

Silva A Sal is an emerging director, writer and performer. He has worked across the middle east on multiple productions prior to relocating in Australia. Starting his university theatre education. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary and Applied Theatre (2015), Silva began his quest to create his own theatre company, through which he has produced and directed shows of numerous thematic varieties. Silva’s work and educational experience includes physical, oriental and contemporary theatre. His theatre credits include Wonders of a Godless World (2012), The Vagina Monologues (2014), Shout the Legend of Johnny O’Keefe (2016) and many more.

Silva’s life experiences of travel, war and continuous uncertainty has moulded his unique understanding of infinite risk taking. Over the next year Silva wishes to use western pop-culture to discourse of his middle eastern cultural background through verbatim theatre. The theatre world has given Silva a forum for expression and freedom of speech, which in itself was never possible prior to living in arriving to Australia. This is Silva’s first experience with La Boite theatre and he looks forward to many more.


Meet Ayeesha Ash: Assistant Director of The Village

As part of our Assistant Creatives Program, Ayeesha Ash will be joining La Boite as Assistant Director on The Village.

Ayeesha was born in St. George’s, Grenada to parents of Caribbean and Maori heritage. Raised in Queensland, Ayeesha trained extensively in singing and dance before being accepted into the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries, where she majored in acting. In 2011 Ayeesha moved from Queensland to Perth to continue her acting studies at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Since graduating Ayeesha has appeared in plays in Queensland and Sydney including The Seagull (Now Look Here Theatre Co.), Rent (Hayes Theatre Co.) and Drift (Two Peas).

In late 2015 Black Birds was created. Black Birds is an all-female co-operative led by core members, Ayeesha & Emele Ugavule. With each project, creatives are invited to collaborate on works that dissect the Black and Brown diasporic experience in Australia through art and performance in a variety of mediums and spaces – both theatrical and non-theatrical. In September, Black Birds was created in a film and visual art and featured at the exhibition ‘Capiche’ held at aMBUSH Gallery (Central Park).

In October 2016, Black Birds was a part of the inaugural Women In Theatre & Screen (WITS) Festival Fatale. Performed at The Eternity Playhouse, this original work was created with a focus on exploring poetry and spoken word in a theatrical setting. In 2016, Black Birds was given the opportunity to develop new work at The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith as part of Q Lab. This development will see a theatrical version of a new Black Birds work performed at The Joan in March/April 2017.