Your COVID-Safe Visit to La Boite

Is It Safe to Visit La Boite?

What Health Measures Has La Boite Put in Place to Be Covid Safe?

Do I Need to Provide My Contact Details to Attend an Event?

What Will La Boite Do With My Contact Details?

I Do Not Want to Provide My Contact Details to La Boite. Can I Still Visit the Theatre?

What Should I Do if I Feel Unwell Before Attending a Performance?

If I’M Sick, Can I Get a Refund?

Can I Sit With My Friends at the Theatre?

My Friend Already Has a Booking but I Don’T, Can I Still Sit With Them?

What Can I Do to Be Safe During My Visit to the Theatre?

Will Bathrooms Be Open to the Public?

Will the Bar Be Open Pre/Post Show?

What Is La Boite Doing to Remain Accessible to Patrons With a Disability?

What time will the venue open?

Do I have to stay in my allocated seat?

Can I leave my seat during the show?

When can I leave my seat at the end of a show?

What's the Exit and Entrance Policy / Procedure at La Boite?

What's the Food and Beverage Policy? Can Patrons Eat / Drink in the Theatre?

What Happens if We Need to Exit the Theatre Urgently / for a Personal Matter?

Do We Have to Socially Distance if There’s an Emergency Evacuation?

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