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Set Design Inspiration by Moe Assaad

“Creating the scenography for this play was both a rewarding and challenging experience at the same time.” Moe Assaad

Set in the sunshine coast, the challenge was to transform an ordinary house into one that is home for a Chinese restaurant and portrays the distinctive identities of women two generations apart. To do so, I combined the scenography of three sets into a two-story house: a restaurant in the lower level and two rooms in the upper level. The color scheme and elements used in each room set them apart corresponding to the identity of women the rooms belongs to. To give this realistic comedy a theatrical glare and to fit a thrust set into a round theatre, I envisioned a section plane system where I cut through the house planes so the audience can peer inside the rooms. I then removed the walls in between rooms so the set is visible to the audience from every angle. This also helps the characters move freely between rooms and levels with lighting projected on the room where the characters are in-dialogue or motion. Overall the set is transformed into a vibrant space giving a theatrical element to this realistic comedy.

Single Asian Female Set Designer, Moe Assaad

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