How Jennifer Blocksidge changed the course of La Boite's future

By Christine Comans

Jennifer Blocksidge, La Boite's Artistic Director from 1993 to 2000.

A ‘British Raj’ Background

Jennifer Blocksidge at La Boite directing Romeo and Juliet, starring Peta Gottschalk & Graeme Hattrick.

From London to Brisbane via Armidale

Bruce Blocksidge

Influencers Babette Stephens and Gloria Birdwood-Smith

Jennifer and cast of 'Top Girls', in 1984.

An Ambitious and Risky Project: A New Theatre is Built

Architect Blair Wilson, that built the infamous theatre at Hale Street. ​

The Realisation of a Dream – La Boite Theatre Officially Opens

Jennifer Blocksidge in 1972, amongst the audience in La Boite's new theatre space at Hale Street.

Her Artistic Leadership

Jennifer Blocksidge, left in front row (second the from end), with broad-brimmed hat in The Women in 1975.


Jennifer Blocksidge, Ian Leigh-Cooper & Muriel Watson planning La Boite's 65th anniversary in 1990.

Jennifer’s Vision for a Professional Company

Rick Billinghurst, Artistic Director 1976-79. Courtesy QPAC Museum.

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