Q&A: designing Capricorn with Peter Keavy

Q&A: designing Capricorn with Peter Keavy

#This being your first time designing for a world premiere theatre production, can you tell us about your experience as a Designer for Capricorn? What part of the process have you found most challenging and rewarding?

#What inspired you in creating the set and visual concept for Capricorn? Can you describe the overall aesthetic you aimed to achieve?

#Capricorn is a unique and intriguing play. How did the script and themes influence your design choices?

#Can you speak to the collaborative process with the Director and other members of the creative team in bringing your design vision to life?

#Were there any challenges you encountered while designing for Capricorn? How did you overcome them?

#What are some key elements or details in your design that you believe will enhance the audience's experience and immersion in the world of Capricorn?

#As a Designer, what do you hope audiences will take away from your visual interpretation of Capricorn?

#How does designing for a mainstage and world premiere theatre production differ from other design projects you have worked on?

#Can you share any insights or memorable moments from your journey of designing Capricorn that have influenced your growth as a Designer?

#Could you share with us some of your favourite designs in the show and what makes them special to you?

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