Our History


The Tunnel

The Tunnel

Moving On! Rosemary Walker far right with L to R:  Bill & Wendy Parkinson, Sean Mee holding photo of Jennifer Blocksidge, Kylie Morris, Muriel Watson, Kaye Stevenson.

The Final Bow at Hale Street

The Roundhouse Theatre

The Roundhouse Theatre

The Final Bow photo in The Australian September 19, 2003. L to R: Paul Dellit, Rosemary Walker, Bev Langford, Michael Forde, Anika Vilé & Ian Lawson.

The Joy of La Boite

La Boite staff, 1999. L to R (back row) Mark Lloyd Hunt, Campbell Misfeld, Sue Rider, Fraser Corfield, Craig Whitehead (back row) Leila Maraun, Rosemary Walker, Nicole Lauder, Cheryl Freeman, Eleanor Howlett.

Champagne Memories

Margery and Michael Forde, The Courier Mail 2000.

A safe place in which to be dangerous

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